Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

I Am Attempting To Heal My Gut

This is a Blog about my journey to heal my gut. I believe that your gut dictates how your health is determined. So, therefore if you have an unhealthy gut, it then follows that you are indeed unhealthy. My theory is based around the premise that we as Humans were not designed to eat processed foods. This is a widely held belief, and is well documented. Another food group that is widely eaten (but shouldn’t be) are Grains – from Rice to Wheat, and everything in between. They can be hard to digest, especially for those people whose ancestors did not eat grains in large quantities.

Most people do not understand the basic facts of diet and health. They blindly go about their business with unhealthy eating habits – even people who strive to keep a healthy diet. It’s all the more confusing because the sad fact is; we are bombarded by misleading information on a daily basis. Sources of this false information come not only from food manufacturers, but more worryingly from the Government and from our National Health Service.

Should read, Bad Bad Bad
Mmmm, Margarine

Who would have thought it? I know I didn’t – that margarine could be bad for your health (according to Aseem Malhotra of the BMJ). This is just one example of how well meaning officials have influenced the dietary habits of the majority to the detriment of their health. Thankfully, the whole theory of saturated fats being bad for you has been debunked. It is a shame that so many people have died, and are still dying because of the ‘polyunsaturated fat’ myth. I might add that naturally occurring polyunsaturated fats, Omega 3, and Omega 6 are essential for a healthy gut.  Manufactured oils and fats which have been processed by some means should come with a health warning.

Saturated fats do not cause high cholesterol as previously thought. So, next time you’re in a restaurant, or about to order food, ask the server what oil the food was cooked in. Stay clear if they are using any vegetable oils, and congratulate them if they use lard, or butter. There is a small but growing momentum moving away from bad fats to eating fats the way we’ve been eating them for thousands of years – directly from nature.

I have read some heated arguments over this subject, but you only have to look at the facts;

Commonly, the natural oils are hydrogenated by passing hydrogen through the oil in the presence of a nickel, under controlled conditions. The addition of hydrogen to the unsaturated bonds (alkenic double C=C bonds) results in saturated C-C bonds, effectively increasing the melting point of the oil and thus “hardening” it. [Wikipedia]

This doesn’t sound at all natural or healthy to me,  so to my mind it’s to be avoided.

The Sugar Lie is another major conspiracy that has affected us all for decades. Sugar is poison – it is the major causation factor in all our ill’s including Cancer, and High Cholesterol.

In my website, you will find the story of my journey from Coeliac to a well person (at this point I am not too good, but stay tuned.). Along the way, I will share my recipes, and tips for how to find your Healthy Gut once again.

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