Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

My Health Promoting Protocol

This is an outline of my regime as of now. It has morphed over the past six months, having experimented with different foods, supplements, and treatments. No doubt it will continue to change.

Before Breakfast;

When I get out of bed, I immediately go to the bathroom and swill a little diluted ACV around my mouth, then brush my teeth with a Coconut Oil/Bicarbonate solution. I believe this kills off any bacteria that has built up in my mouth over night.
I then take a probiotic (Biokult at the moment) with warm water.


I will either have either fish, Bacon and eggs, scrambled eggs, or Sardines fried in butter. In addition, I usually have fried mushrooms, and fried tomatos. I don’t eat the skins of the tomato, the skin peels off easily after it’s been cooked anyway.


Soup, which is generally made from home made stock, butter, and various other ingredients. All blended together.

Mid Afternoon;

Pureed Berries with Coconut Kefir.


My evening meal is meat based, with plenty of vegetables. I either slow cook Beef, Lamb, with a stock based sauce, or have chicken, or fish with a butter based sauce.

Snacks consist of Pork Scratchings, chicken drumsticks with home made Coleslaw. Milk, or Coconut Kefir with Honey, or pureed apple

The essential core of my diet is to eat any processed foods, no starch, and no grains. This means that I cook everything myself from scratch. Potatoes, Rice, and Bread are obviously out. There are other selective foods which I will not eat, such as peanuts, and grapes. Basically I do not eat foods that have a high sugar content, or are deemed unhealthy by several diets. One caveat I have with regard to grains is that I have been experimenting with cakes made from Gram flour, and Teff flour. I shall be posting all my recipes on this blog as soon as I get the time.

Recently, I have been drinking a diluted glass of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with my meals, I seem to be benefiting from this with fewer burps after meals. Especially sardines, which seem to create more gas than other fish. The thing is with gas, because I know a lot of practitioners would recommend to not eat any foods which cause any negative symptoms, and I would dearly love to be this picky, but it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat – I get gas. So, having tried various selective diets, filtering out this and that, I have decided to stick with these foods for now. ACV, and Betaine capsules seem to help. Where ever possible, I puree foods as these foods are easier to digest. If not practical, I will over cook vegetables, and not eat the skins, or more fibrous elements. I generally do not eat chicken skin, or animal fat if it hasn’t been cooked in a way that softens it.I think the more ways you can help your digestion, the faster you will heal. With this in mind, I now eat a lot slower than I used to, as masticated food is obviously going to be digested far more easily.

I have also been taking various supplements, such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin c, selenium. I don’t usually take these every day, I mix them up a bit with multi vitamin/mineral tablets, and also molybdenum chelate, B12. For vitamin d, I go an sunbed twice a week, I feel this also helps my skin, and relaxes my muscles. I take a pro biotic three times day.


I have various conditions, that are in my opinion all related to my impaired gut condition. This could be Candida outcrops on my skin, or maybe other yeast related manifestations.

I have had blocked ears, especially my left one for several years, and no amount of Otex will clear it permanently. I have considered having my ear syringing, but was put off by the potential risk, and anyway it’s not that bad that it prevents me from hearing, just irritating at times. To try and cure this condition naturally, I have experimented with Hydrogen Peroxide, ACV, and Ginger. I actually find a piece of fresh Ginger placed into my ear provides very good relief. I have heard about fresh Garlic being quite effective, but as yet have not tried it.

Moles on my skin have been prevalent, ever since I can remember, but recently, I have developed much larger ones on my face, especially the left side. I recently started putting ACV on them twice a day, and they have virtually disappeared after two weeks of consistent application. They first blistered up, and then the blisters fell off.

I developed arthritis in my right knee about 4 months ago, whereupon I gradually suffered swelling which reached a peak in early January. It was so bad, I couldn’t bend my leg fully, and walked with a distinct and painful limp. These past few weeks, I have noticed the swelling has subsided, and weirdly drifted down my calf. The pain is almost subsided, and I can walk without pain, and without limping. I have taken to exercising on the cross trainer, in order to accelerate healing, as my muscle had depleted greatly. Muscle depletion has happened all over my body, but most noticeably in my legs. This is probably primarily due to my new diet, and that I cut down exercising to a bear minimum in order to help heal my gut.

I have masses of tiny white marks on my legs, which appear as though melanin has disappeared, as these bits of skin will not tan. To combat these, I have tried a tea tree based lotion, which did not appear to do anything. I have also tried a home made cream of Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with tea tree, and Lavender mixed in. I applied this for two days when I noticed a very itchy red rash appear. My skin bubbled up, and would bleed very easily. I immediately discontinued use. After some research, I discovered that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not as extra virgin as it should have been. I placed a small glass in my fridge for a few days, and the liquid crystalised in a random fashion. Which, according to experts means the oil is made up from other oils. It appears I have an allergy to at least one of the other oils. After almost two weeks, I am still recovering from this rash, but will try a new concoction once the rash has gone.