Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

Painful Constipation

Last night I suffered from the most agonising constipation I have had so far.

My constipation had been gradually getting worse over the past 12 months. Some people might say it’s probably due to the lack of fibre in my diet, which is a consequence of a diet primarily aimed at healing my gut, but another factor could be Candida die off. Or, maybe a vitamin, or mineral deficiency on account of me not digesting food normally. Anyway, My poo has been on the Bristol scale type one for a few months now with generally, lots of little white bits. As I don’t eat any rice, or anything that could possibly pass as white bits, I presume it to be Candida.

Recently, I have been eating prunes in order to make my defecation easier. This has been enabling a more regular bowel habit, but last night for some reason, a huge mass of faeces decided it wanted out. The only problem being, it wouldn’t go through the hole, and as it was impacted to a solid density, it proved very painful. I tried several enema flushes, but this did not help.

After a lot of stress, I decided to put my finger up there, and help it along. After a few of these little pebbles were discharged, the pain subsided dramatically. This was not the end of the matter though, and as I gained a little respite, I decided to take a Movicol. I know I shouldn’t even think about this chemical concoction, but I was desperate. I went to bed at about 12, and every two hours, I was at the toilet with my finger up my bum, encouraging more of this crap to come out.

Finally, after lunch today, the Eagle had landed, whereupon I excreted the biggest poo I had ever passed. I just hope I don’t have too many episodes like that. The inside of my rectum feels like it has been rasped by a file.