Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

A Good Ol’ Sulphur Tasting Burp

Recently I had a bout of rotten eggs smell belching from my mouth. Thankfully, it was nowhere near as bad as the onslaught’s I have received before I was condemned with Coeliac. This time it appears to have been brought about by raw food, yes, it appears my gut is not quite ready for anything that could be even slightly hard to digest.

The porridge I had for breakfast on Friday morning must have laid the groundwork, I usually have gluten free porridge once a week, and am usually fine with it. Then later on that evening I decided to make Hummus to go along with a gram flour based pizza meal. The pizza I have had before and been okay. The main suspect is some baby Cucumbers which I picked up from Asda. These little blighters have thick skins, with very little substance to the center. So, as the idea was to dip them raw into the Hummus, then leaving the skins on would be easier – so a good rinse to clean them should suffice. Sliced carrots were added to the selection for variety.

It does appear that the overall accumulation of foods that wern’t particularly easy to digest gave me the problem – with the baby cucumbers tipping me over the edge. These foods wern’t particurly a problem on their own, as I have eaten them before (apart from the baby Cucumbers) only recently with no ill effect.

I seemed to be okay until Saturday morning. However, I did not get the best sleep over night. When I got out of bed though, I was greeted by burps a plenty. These wern’t of the sulphur type at that point. Things wern’t going too badly until I decided to have more Hummus with Carrot and baby Cucumber dip for lunch (after all there was plenty left over). I followed my lunch with a home made Teff Carrot cake (of which I have become quite fond). Soon after, the sulphur burps appeared, not in great abundance at this point though. I immediately reached for the supplememnts and took two Betaine HCl (600mg each), and a digestive multi enzyme.

My evening meal was Lamb Curry. I ate this with no side effects. Afterwards, I ate a small slice of Tef cake, and noticed almost immediately the tell tale sulphur smell. Could it be the Teff Cake? mmm, my mind was in a mess. More HCL, and Enzymes followed. This did not cure my problem, so I had a thought that maybe it’s a Candida, or a Gardia attack, or whatever. I put a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Oil in an Ascorbic Acid drink, and swilled it down. There appeared to be a reprieve – maybe my symptoms are gone?

About 12 o’clock that night, I was woken by my stomach doing somersalts. There was so much gurgling, rumbling and general malaise – in my drowsy half awake state I thought I was on a boat in a stormy sea. Flatulence soon followed, but thankfully it didn’t stink. Another thankful thing is that lying down, it’s difficult to burp, so the sulphur stayed below. It’s strange how burps stink like the dead, but farts hardly smell. I made it through the night, catching bits of sleep here and there. When I eventually got up at about 9.30, my stomach gurgling had finally ceased, but sulphur fowl tasting burps soon followed.

This was now Sunday, and I decided it was going to be an all cooked, high fat fest today. Starting with bacon and eggs, with extra butter. Lunch was Tomato and Squash soup, with extra stock, and lots of butter. Scattered throughout the day, I ate Milk Kefir, and for tea I ate Chicken with Lemon butter sauce. I still received a bout of Sulphur burps after tea, so having read a suggestion that Sodium Bicarbonate could offer relief, I mixed a teaspoon into some water, and drank it quickly. A few minutes later, my stomach was on fire. I’m not sure what happened but it was doing something I had never felt before. This lasted for about 30 minutes, with my burping virtually gone. I slept well that night, and by the morning was back to normal.