Can I Heal My Gut?

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Can I Heal My Gut?

Salmon with Cauliflower Mash

Salmon and Cauliflower MashSalmon is an easy food to cook and with a good sauce, such as my Lemon, Butter, Chilli favourite it takes just a few minutes to prepare.

This time I have added Cauliflower mash, which is a great potato replacement. The reason I look to avoid potatoes as much as possible is the high glycemic load. I am pretty much convinced that potatoes aggravate arthritis too.





I generally steam my vegetables. so the first veggies to get into the steamer are the carrots, and then the beans. Followed by the Cauliflower.Steam these until just tender.

Put the Salmon under the grill on a medium heat when the veggies are almost done. I like to sprinkle salt, and a smear of butter over the salmon while its cooking. Rotate the salmon, so as not to let it burn.

Get the sauce going.

Take the Cauliflower out of the steamer, and place into a pre-heated pan. Add a good wedge of butter, and Celery salt. Mash until creamy.

To serve, put the vegetables on the plate first, and then place the salmon fillet on top of the Caulliflower mash. Then pour the sauce all over.