Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

Muscle Atrophy – Wasting

My right leg thigh muscle – just above my knee is significantly smaller than my left knee. This is a concern as the arthritis which had plagued me for about 6 months has virtually disappeared. I did notice that once the swelling had subsided from my fungal arthritis attack, my muscle looked smaller, but it now appears to have shrunk back even more. This is the more disturbing because I have been exercising, and eating a far more healthy diet (or so I believe).

It may be that even though I am eating far better than I used to; the gut infection I have – possibly SIBO, is causing malnutrition. I say this because of the fact I am eating huge amounts of food, but find it very difficult to increase my weight.

Another condition I may suffer from is Adrenal fatigue as I find it difficult to get going in the morning, but seem to gather energy as the day progresses. My general muscle energy levels seem weak most days, which makes it a struggle to exercise. In an attempt to combat this I have taken to drinking licorice tea in the morning, and taking a zinc tablet before bed. Apparently, these two things can help the cortisol levels as the theory is that cortisol is low in the morning, and high in the evening.

I would go and see my GP for more tests, but he already thinks i’m a hypochondriac, and is confused about my reluctance to eat carbohydrates – stating that this is the reason I do not gain weight. The thing is I have gained 5kg from when I was at my lightest, and do seem to be steady now at around 62kg. This is eating predominantly a SC diet, but I probably eat more fruit than I should.

I did feel as though I was gradually getting better, with my knee having full movement, and almost normal bowel movements from time to time. Today, I feel despondent after seeing my leg this morning, and being constipated once more. It’s probably like most things, in that there’s never a continual upward slope – rather a much bumpier ride.