Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

Diatomaceous Earth And Other Remedies

It’s been a while since I last posted, so i’m going to wrap up my previous months experiences right now.

First off, I believe my condition to be more of a parasitic infection than anything else. I am not totally sure about this, as testing for a specific cause is extremely difficult. I have had two stool samples analyzed by the good ole’ NHS, and they both came back negative. These samples were both taken after bouts of diarrhoea – which were probably Giardia outbreaks. I presume Giardia as there was accompanying sulphur tasting burps. Of course my G.P would have none of it, and as the sample came back negative it reinforced his belief. I am even more convinced since finding out that there appears to be a link between Celiac disease and Giardia. It is a pity that my G.P will not consider this, as the document accounts the patient making a full recovery after being treated for Giardia. A full recovery meaning they did not have Celiac disease any longer. So, having no joy from the NHS regarding my self diagnosis, I embarked on a program of alternative anti-parasitic remedies.

Pumpkin Seeds

Eating pumpkin seeds proved to be extremely effective for invoking a die off reaction. I ate about a cup full one morning after a breakfast of bacon with eggs. About an hour later my stomach felt pretty bad, and later on developed diarrhoea. Initially thinking the reaction to be negative, but the next day, I felt a whole lot better. I have since tried the pumpkin seeds in a similar way but not experienced the same result.

Black Walnut Oil and Clove Oil

I tried this concoction for two weeks, taking up to 20 drops of each in water first thing in the morning. I can’t say I really noticed much effect here. I may try this one again at a later date.

Oregano Oil

I tried Oregano Oil in capsule form, usually seven or eight capsules first thing in the morning. I definitely noticed a die off effect with this protocol, especially if I had experienced a parasite attack in the night. I would consider a parasite attack to be hot feet, twitchy legs (restless leg syndrome), and a racing mind making sleep very difficult. A similar reaction would not happen if I took the Oregano Oil on repeated days, although I have taken it consistently for a week or so.

Diatomaceous Earth

I gave this a full month, starting at one teaspoon – once a day,  and worked up to a heaped tablespoon twice a day – first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and last thing at night. Having read such good things about it, I felt I had to give it a try. Unfortunately, I did not notice any effect from this product. Constipation is apparently a side effect of DE, but as this was my normal habit anyway, I could not tell whether it was better or worse. I performed enemas more or less every day, so as to ensure any dead critters were expelled. I can’t say I noticed any though.

Fresh Ginger

Being quite partial Ginger, this is no hardship. I actually relish the sensation of it burning inside my mouth. I enjoy it even more knowing that parasites hate it. My favourite is to slice two thumbs size pieces, and mix into it one teaspoon of organic honey. At one point I was eating this concoction three times a day. It’s a shame there seems to be no die off effect from it, as my parasites are either immune to it, or any that are particularly upset by it are dead. I still eat it though, especially after a large meal, as it is supposed to help with digestion.

Fresh Garlic

I would eat more Garlic if it wasn’t for the smell, as it is a great anti-parasitic food. There is a great die off reaction from Garlic, and have experimented with it in various ways.

e.g. After having my fillings replaced by white fillings, I felt a pain in the gum under one of the teeth. I discussed this with my dentist who assured me it was fine. Nevertheless, rather than risk having the tooth out, or root canal work – I tried holding half a clove against my tooth with my tongue, and also wedging it in my cheek. I did not realise Garlic was so strong as after a few minutes I could feel it burning the skin. I would do it once, or maybe twice a day for just a few minutes at a time. It soon dissolved the pain away, and whether it was just coincidence or not, I would recommend anyone with tooth ache to try it.

Foot notes

I am still experimenting, and constantly learning, and one thing I can say is that opinions on gut problems are wide ranging, and forever changing. This does not make curing yourself easy, but if it was easy then everyone would be healthy – and we wouldn’t want that would we (said the pharmacist to the doctor).

On a side note, I have found a great laxative food. Dates! I absolutely love ’em, and eat them by the box – probably shouldn’t as they are full of sugar. I figure it’s okay though as a temporary solution, as enemas can be a bit of a drag.