Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

Could it be FODMAP ?

From my initial diagnosis of CD, I soon realised that the NHS recommended protocol wasn’t going to cut it, so I searched the net for a more wholesome alternative. It wasn’t long before I found out about Candida overgrowth. This appeared to me to be the root of all my ills. The diet that came recommended via various online ‘experts’ seemed to be a bit overly restrictive, unshaken, I persevered for a while. With more searching, I thankfully found the GAPS diet – which seemed to make more sense. Soon afterwards, I came across the Selective Carbohydrate Diet, then PALEO was not far behind. Initially, I followed the premise that carbohydrates, and particularly high glycemic foods were to be avoided. This wasn’t too bad, and so I created some very tasty, wholesome meals.

The disappointing aspect of all this effort is my burping hasn’t relinquished hardly at all. My bloated stomach is still annoyingly bloated, and i’m still constipated. So after a year or so on this Paleo-ish diet, my symptoms are still there. Albeit not as bad, as I do not feel the need to take ant acids any longer, but all my annoying little symptoms still irritate me. Along with this diet, I have been taking Betaine HCL tablets with most meals – sort of experimenting with differing quantities and times etc. As I have low stomach acid, then this would appear to be the way to go. I have also experimented with enzymes, various makes, types, quantities etc. I am annoyed to say, I havn’t noticed any difference.

This has made me wonder about other conditions that may be affecting me, such as parasites, SIBO, or food intolerances. FODMAP intolerance is one such condition I have considered. I found that after eating a meal heavy with onions I had more belching than at other times. As onions are one of the main culprits to the FODMAP list, then I should maybe cut them out. So, I cut out onions for two weeks, and I can’t say I noticed much difference. I made curry using celery instead of onion, which tasted just as good I have to say. I also used the green only part of spring onions to provide a base for soups. It really wasn’t too difficult to reduce FODMAP’s significantly from my diet anyway, given that I am on a low glycemic diet, and do not eat too many fruits either.

I have also recently noticed a tingling inside my mouth every now and again. At the moment I am unsure as to which foods are triggering this reaction. I do know for definite that Chamomile tea triggers it. This appears to be a Histamine reaction, but as yet I don’t think it’s a serious problem.

I have ordered breath tests for Fructose, and Lactulose.