Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

More Tests

In my relentless search to find the root cause of my problems, I have had various tests. There are a myriad of tests available from the NHS, and even more privately. This is a summary of tests I have undertaken in the past 5 months.

Stool Analysis

I have had a comprehensive stool analysis conducted by Parasite Testing Europe ltd. This test which entailed a stool sample was sent to a UK address, and then forwarded to a laboratory in Mexico. The reason I went with these is because I had had two stool tests performed by the NHS and they both came back negative I was sure there was something they were missing. The tests came back negative for parasites, but pointed out that I had a low to adequate level of normal bacteria. Their recommendation was to supplement with probiotics and cut out sugars and starches.


Parasite Testing Europe ltd. according to their website;

Parasitology Testing Europe Ltd based in Wakefield, UK is the European distributor for the Parasitology Centre, Inc. (PCI) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  PCI Europe was founded by Emma Lane, who has worked extensively over the last 10 years with human parasite, fungal and bacteria infections.   PCI Europe enables those living in Europe to utilise the worlds most advanced, consistent and well researched laboratory, the PCI, Arizona, led by world renowned parasitologist, Dr Omar Amin, for the detection and treatment of parasitic infections.

They are a professional organisation who have obviously a lot of experience gained from their parent company. The report detailed a number of parasites that my poo had been analysed for with a resulting summary of their findings. I scored a 2 from a scale of 4 for my Bacilli (normal bacteria) which suggested I needed to do more in order to get this higher. Incidentally, a 4 would indicate a bacterial overgrowth.

Breath Tests

This leads me to my next test, a Lactolose breath test which was with Bio Lab. I was still convinced that I had a bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and after several requests to my GP, and gastroenterologist resulted in them not being able to offer it me on the NHS. the results which came back showed a slightly raised level of Hydrogen at 9 ppm at 180 minutes. As a reading of at least 20ppm would be needed to signify an overgrowth, I can safely assume I do not have SIBO.

I had also elected to have a further breath test for Fructose malabsorbtion, as I was convinced that FODMAP’s were giving me trouble. The results of this test concluded there were no indications whatesover of malabsorption.

Bio Lab Medical Unit according to their website;

[blockquote]…are dedicated to assisting doctors sort out their patients’ problems in a way that does not rely on drugs as a first line of treatment. We have an intrinsic respect for the Wisdom of Nature and of each human being who, by virtue of their circumstances, has become a patient – one who suffers.[/blockquote]

Bio Lab are professional, and the nurses are very friendly. They prefer you to be associated with a nutritional therapist, and as I am not, the results were sent to my GP.

After finding I was negative for SIBO at my GP’s surgery, my initial reaction was shock as I had been convinced this was my underlying reason. As had been suggested to me, that H Pylori could be my antagonist, I then asked the doc if I could get a H Pylori breath test. He could not offer this (even though I know other GP’s give it freely), he did offer me a H Pylori blood test though. This I undertook, and the result subsequently came back negative.

Osumex Heavy Metal Test

My next test was a heavy metal urine test from Osumex. I purchased this from Amazon.

I performed the test which showed positive for the presence of heavy metals including Mercury, and lead. Although this test proved positive, it came as a relief, with me initially feeling somewhat excited having found something that could be presenting me with issues. Perhaps this is the underlying cause of all my health problems?

A couple of other tests

A Candida spit test. This one is cheap and easy, and came in positive. I also tested myself for low stomach acid, using the bicarb first thing in the morning procedure. This suggested a low level, and confirmed it via the Betaine HCL challenge test, which also proved the same.