Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

Candida Flare Up

This seems to be a regular occurrence. Just when I think i’m getting better and relax slightly, then bang – another candida flare. It drives you mad. There are three likely culprits for this latest one.


These are my possible instigators

Culprit No.1 Potatoes. I had been looking into the possibility that I could get much better if I increased my Resistant Starch intake, whilst taking probiotics. So, I steamed a few Charlotte potatoes one evening, and then ate them at breakfast the following day.


Culprit No.2 Methylated Spirit. This day I cleaned the bugs off the bumper of my car using Meths. Apparently it’s just alcohol, but the smell is strong.


Culprit No.3 DMSA. I had been dividing my 100mg capsules into 12.5mg capsules. I am doing this in preperation for my first round of mercury chelation.


[box title=”Candida Flare Up” bg_color=”#81d742″ align=”center”]The usual symptoms for a Candida attack happened that night. racing mind – unable to sleep, when sleep does occur – wake up with sweat dripping, hot feet, phlegm.[/box]


So, which one could it be?

It could be potatoes, they are known to have a high glycemic load, and quickly convert to Candida food. I didn’t eat many though, perhaps 150 grams.

Meths could be the culprit as it’s a strong alcohol, and alcohol converts very quickly to candida food, the thing is It’s not like I drank it. So I may have absorbed some through my skin, and inhaled a bit more.

So, that leaves me with DMSA, for those with mercury in their bodies, when DMSA is taken it mobilises the mercury ready for expulsion. This process aggravates the candida, and can cause flare up. Maybe this small amount of DMSA through inhalation caused it.

The most likely outcome is a combination of all three. I figure small amounts of a toxic substance are okay, but there is a cumulative effect to be had from multiple toxic substances.