Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?


It’s taken me a while to get motivated enough to write this post. It’s the brain fog and fuzzy thinking – I just don’t seem to be able to think as clearly. I do have days when my mind seems to work fairly normally and this is one of them. It is a struggle to concentrate though. I am still unsure as to my underlying problem, having tried various diets and supplements, my general symptoms seem to the same as ever, albeit not as bad. I still have reflux after most every meal, with my digestion being on the very slow side.

I went to Spain for about eight weeks from August last year, where the set back started. It was a stressful time, as I was over seeing building works. My careful diet went out of the window as eating my Paleo diet isn’t as easy as it is in the UK. The veg is not as varied and as fresh as we get in Tescos. Even though a lot of vegetables are grown in Spain, it appears that the best goes to UK, so even in Spains’ largest supermarkets, the veg is very random and it’s even worse at markets. Restaurants are very tempting, because it is so much cheaper to eat out in Spain. The quality is pretty bad though – they do offer gluten free of course, but that is not the only consideration when choosing a meal. They cook most things in vegetable oil, and even when they do use olive oil, it’s not good when over heated. This kind of cooking does me no good, as I do not tolerate oils. A few meals, and I was sunk. I lost weight, couldn’t sleep properly, my hair fall accelerated. This set back lasted for my whole trip, as no matter what I tried I could not get back on track.

I then visited Japan for two weeks. Which was not too bad, as with careful choices, I managed to gain a little weight and feel better by the end of the trip.  The myth that Japanese people eat the healthiest in the world is complete nonsense. Maybe the odd few people who live out in the country, and subsist on a traditional diet of fish, and seaweed. This is the diet promoted to the west. The truth though, is that most Japanese have taken to the western diet, and enjoy pizza, pasta, and a weird take on curry. Gluten is everywhere in Japanese cooking, they add wheat to all sorts of things, including Miso soup and Tempura.

Now i’m back in dear ol blighty, thank the lord. I did fall a little during christmas and ate a good amount of chocolate (only the good stuff mind), but today after a few supplements good food etc. I seem to faring better. I must say though, I am very dis heartened that it is taking so long to get totally well. I may have to consider getting some expert help.