Can I Heal My Gut?

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Can I Heal My Gut?

OD’d On Chocolate

The other day I had a mad craving for chocolate, strange as I can usually take it or leave it. Maybe the craving was brought upon by a coffee I had the day before, I don’t usually drink coffee either. It could be possible that drinking the coffee triggered a craving for caffeine, Anyway, my wife eats a lot of 70% chocolate, but a while back she had tried 80%. She only managed to eat one square stating that it was way too strong. She did this twice, with two different manufacturers. So, we had two almost complete bars of 80% chocolate in a cupboard. The bars had been there for over a year, so they were past their best before date. I remembered where the bars were and thought to myself, “i’ll have a go at that strong chocolate, it’s never going to get eaten anyway”.

Here I am, munching on this 80%, thinking this isn’t too bad, I actually quite like it. Before an hour was up, i’d eaten the two bars – 180 grams. I initially felt a little bit wired so drank some water. About three hours later, I am high as a kite. Spaced out man, in a really weird way. Repetition was great, so was mumbling and walking in circles. I wasn’t sick, but had great bowel movements. This lasted until the next day, I didn’t get much sleep that night either.

The next day, I passed a stool which was pale and filled with fatty globs. It found out that this is due to caffeine overdose, which can limit bile flow. I may have also been slightly poisoned by Theobromine, which is the substance in cocoa that can kill dogs. Theobromine can also kill humans, if eaten in large enough quantity. Caffeine gets metabolised to it inside the body. Theobromine breaks down into the same metabolites as marijuana, which explains the drug induced state. I must also be more susceptible than most, as key liver enzymes which break down such poisons usually stop negative reactions. I know I have a slow metabolism, so this is yet another reason for me to not eat too much chocolate.

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