Can I Heal My Gut?

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Can I Heal My Gut?

Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

This is a really quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Mousse. I’m not a fan of any manufactured food product, so i’m not going to cheat by using a chocolate bar broken up and melted. You know what, I hate it when people do that, especially when it’s so easy to make from scratch.

This recipe is great for chocaholics or even people who do not have a sweet tooth. You can make it as strong, or sweet as you like. Sweetness is determined by the banana, as bananas will develop a different sugar structure as they ripen. The more aged they are, the more the fructose there will be. Fructose is the harmful part of the sugar complex, so you are better selecting a banana that is definitely not green, just yellow with a few brown spots. You may need to experiment with differing sizes and ripeness.

The recipe I use is this. It will make two or three servings.


100g Cold pressed Coconut oil

100g Cocoa butter

2 hp tbs Cocoa powder

2 Bananas


Warm a small mixing bowl in an oven on a low heat.

Gently warm the butter, and cocoa butter in a pan. Some people will use a bowl over a steaming pan, but  you are not melting pre-made chocolate. Just be careful, as you do not need a lot of heat. When the fats are melted, add in your Cocoa powder. Stir until well combined, then turn off the heat.

Get the mixing bowl out of the oven. Having this bowl warm will prevent the chocolate from solidifying too quickly. Peel bananas, chop and put in bowl. Pour over chocolate sauce. Then use a hand blender to whizz until perfectly smooth. Pour in to ramekins, then place in your fridge. Leave them for an hour, as they are better when cool.