Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

Age Or Work Related Stress

I embarked on a property renovation project. Funds were tight and problems occurred sending the project over budget and behind schedule. This kind of work would not have seemed such an issue when I was younger and healthier. but this period was a time of immense stress.

So, was my extra stress the result of me being just a bit older, or am I not healed enough. I am of the opinion that age related stress is not just down to ‘being older’.

Brain fog, poor eyesight, grey hair, hair loss  and arthritis – aching joints, muscles that appear slow are all symptoms that caught up with me big time during this period. What if all these symptoms could be put down to gut health. Could it be they are all autoimmune related. It appears to me that having a less than perfect gut health coupled with stress magnifies the situation. It has made my hair greyer, my hair fall out, my eye sight degrade, my joints stiffen, insomnia worsens. I feel I must finish this project soon in order to get back to a state where I can concentrate on healing once again.

It makes me wonder that if I do heal my gut, will these ageing symptoms reduce, can I get back to how I was before taking on this nightmare?