Can I Heal My Gut?

My experiences with self healing.

Can I Heal My Gut?

The Hormone Connection

It appears that years of hard work, research, experimentation has all been in vein.

Maybe this is an over exaggeration, but from what I have recently discovered all my ills are more connected to the thyroid. To this thought, I have sent of a blood sample to medichecks in order to get my thyroid levels checked. The results came back as within range – according to the accompanying note from a GP. Exactly the same response I had from my regular GP when I got my blood results.

My TSH is 1.38 mIU/L which could mean hypothyroid by some metrics. I do have other symptoms though, which are cold hands and feet, lack of sweat and a low pulse of around 40bpm. As a youngster working in a cold factory I suffered from chilblains. My fingers and toes swelled greatly. Upon discussing this with my GP, cream was prescribed, which did nothing as expected. I have learned recently that this is a typical symptom of hypothyroidism which has been known for decades.

It also appears that an underactve thyroid leads to an under performing gut. Add to this poor diet and stress and I eventually ended up with celiac disease.

So, after years of searching, I may have found the root cause of my health issues. I say ‘may’, because i’ve been here before, until I actually start feeling better, then I will not believe it. To tackle hypothyroidism takes another type of diet. A diet that I have been averse to because I thought it would make me worse. It turns out that I may have been compounding my problems by adhering strictly to a paleo diet.

This diet now includes sugar, potatoes, rice, coffee, chocolate and milk. Well, it sounds better than the old one anyway.